2016: How I Conquered My Year of Fearlessness

I’m going to remember 2016 for a multitude of reasons: political, emotional, physical, mental, etc… But for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to focus and reflect on the personal ways the events and my decisions of 2016 affected my life for the year. Let’s go!

  1. My one and only resolution was to make 2016 “My Year of Fearlessness.”
    Actually, at first, it was “No Bothers Given 2k16” in the G rated words of Winnie the Pooh, but talking it through with my aunt, ‘My Year of Fearlessness’ sounded more poised.
  2. I turned 21 and threw a rager… of potatoes.
    I’m way into potatoes and consequently for my 21st in January, I threw a Potato Party. Peeps across all social circles brought various potato dishes and potato-based EtOH (scribe slang for alcohol). It was amazing watching my friends of different circles bond, and our Settlers of Catan game was legit.
  3. I fundraised and financed myself to the Society of Women Engineers Capitol Hill event three weeks before I flew out to Washington D.C.
    I was sassed my university didn’t consider prepping speeches for four Texas representatives, lobbying for STEM funding and Title 9 regulations, and networking with staff across the East and West wings professional development. So, I got Pepsi to sponsor me and two other SWEsters.
  4. I took my first pre-medical class: junior-level of statistics.
    Medical schools only require freshmen level statistics, but I thought– “Go big or go home.” It ended up being one of my favorite classes of the semester and added a nice boost to my science GPA.
  5. I took a romantic chance on Mr. Redhead.
    He was about to graduate and move on to a full-time computer programming job; I just decided to undertake another 14 years of training and debt– this story was a match made in heaven right? We both didn’t plan on anything serious but I’m a monogamous kind of redhead so when he asked me out, I said “sure.”
  6. I moved in with Mr. Redhead three months later.
    What can I say, I wasn’t expecting things to be as compatible and great as they were but they were. I was grateful for the sanity he gave me at the end of the semester.
  7. I allowed myself to fall in love with Mr. Redhead.
    Kinda scary when I didn’t even know if he would get a job in our metroplex… (He did.)
  8. I allowed Mr. Redhead to fall in love with me.
    As much of a mess as I think I am, I love myself to know I deserve love too, and Mr. Redhead is the best person so far in loving me in a healthy, productive manner. “We accept the love we think we deserve…”
  9. I moved back in with my parents for (gasp) a whole three months to get jumpstarted on three pre-medical courses that I completely paid for.
    I love love love my family, but goodness gracious, it was an adventure living back with them. Not that I was ever a partier/late night goer/raver when I lived in my college town, but something about having to answer every single question and be talked to daily makes you feel like you have no mental peace! Again, I love them and am beyond grateful that they welcomed me back in with no rent or grocery financial expectations. Oh, and free laundry!! Plus, late night talks with mom and dad brought me back to my high school years when their efforts to rein in a good human being in me began to make sense.
    During this time, I was enrolled in 8 hours of Bio 1 & 2 at my hometown community college and 3 hours at a 10 week summer course of university level organic chemistry one. (I stick my tongue out at people who tell me I shouldn’t have taken freshman biology at a community college, because it’s ‘less prestigious.’) I’m proud of the $1800 out of pocket that I paid for those courses– and I earned myself a ripe 3.75 GPA!
  10. I learned my real motivation in pursuing medicine. 
    My goodness, organic chemistry is no process for the weak. This past summer taught me that I care enough about pursuing medical school to endure any sort of mental exhaustion with utter joy. Plus, I realized that for my future family with (fingers crossed) Mr. Redhead, I want to demonstrate this work ethic as an example for the future little Redheads.
  11. I came into my fall semester with the goal to get Dean’s List for the first time since freshman year.
    I did it.
  12. I traveled to Salt Lake City and Philadelphia.
    Salt Lake City was amazing. Philadelphia, not as much. Both were experiences that shaped my travel street smarts.
  13. I got a scribe job.
    With the best company in my metroplex. They’ve placed me in a county hospital, and to be honest, the last five months and all of those overnight shifts have been the happiest months of my life.
  14. I got an engineering internship.
    Received a recruiting email and thought to myself, “Maybe I should put this engineering degree to work.” Now, your Miss Redhead is also an intern of a Fortune 500 company earning $20 an hour. I’m saving it up for the pot of money I will live off on when I’m drowning in med school debt.Gina gif.gif
  15. I learned how to respect myself, validate myself, love myself, encourage myself, and accept all forms of criticism to work my butt another step harder than before.
    I’m proud of myself as a person and as a pre-med. The above fourteen points were highlights of my year, but they all lead to this last point. I’ve come to accept that its okay if I need to take my time on this journey, if I need to take a step back and work an extra year or pursue a post-bacc program to boost my application. This year may not have been the greatest, but it was definitely the year that I realized that– Hell yeah, I can and I will do this. And, I am that much closer to my ‘I Can and I Did.’Happy End of 2016 everyone! To check out my resolutions for 2017, click here.



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