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2018 Recap

2018 was a bittersweet year of growing up. I simultaneously had the best and worst year of my life. Often, I felt frustrated, confused, and unsure of what I wanted or what can make me happy. Fortunately, I had a solid foundation of good friends and a beautiful family that stood by me and kept me grounded. If not for them, I would have been lost the entire 2018 year.

It was at my lowest moments that made me realize how beautiful each milestone was.

While I had some major successes, I had some major failures too. A lot of first experiences happened this year. Graduate school, getting married, fearing that I might lose a family member all loomed over me. These milestones originally made me timid. I allowed myself to crumble at their weight. But, it was at my lowest moments that made me realize how beautiful each milestone was.

I am grateful for what 2018 brought me and put me through. 2018 taught me how to be stronger and more mature. It tore me right down so I had a foundation to build myself up. Cheers to 2018, and here is to 2019. May all the lessons gained assist me in handling life’s next milestones.

Success! I returned safely from my study abroad in Puerto Williams, Chile.

Failure! I accidentally booked my European trip on the day of my last final… a final I needed to graduate with my bachelor degree… But, I made it work anyway!

Medical Redhead & Mr. Redhead with some English natives about to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play in London.

Success! I finished my Bachelor degree with a 4.0 GPA semester and celebrated the end of my degree with an acceptance to my masters/post-baccalaureate program.

Failure! I had a classmate make the poor decision to plagiarize off of me, but thanks to Google Docs timestamp software, I proved that my work was original and ethical. Word to the wise… Never leave your credentials logged into a university computer!

MedicalRedhead posing with her university’s mascot. #GoMeanGreen

Success! I earned a 4.0 GPA over the summer semester of my masters program.

Failure! I earned a 3.2 GPA over the fall semester of my masters program. The rigor of my science coursework hit harder than I had ever anticipated.

Medical Redhead and her Association of Women Surgeons section after an intubation clinic.

Success! I got married to the best human being on the planet.

Failure! I allowed myself to become so frustrated with myself, and I took it out on those I loved the most. Thankfully, they hosted an emotional intervention for me to get my positive response to life back.

Medical Redhead and Mr. Redhead on their wedding day.

Success! After addressing my lack of emotional control as well as my growing frustration with learning how to study, my family care provider diagnosed me with anxiety. I was ashamed, but I knew I needed to regain my control of how I was responding to roadblock after roadblock. Terrified, I told my family and was surprised to learn we had a four-generation diagnosis of anxiety throughout both sides of my family. For the first time in months, I cried tears of happiness and relief to know that I wasn’t alone anymore. Ever since my diagnosis and treatment, my grades have improved, my relationships have improved, and my attitude has returned to its positive self!

Failure! I didn’t address my limitations sooner. I was too stubborn to be realistic with myself, and it sabotaged how quickly I could have overcome this obstacle. I am beyond grateful for the friends and family who forced me to stand up to myself to seek help.

Medical Redhead during Match Day 2019 celebrating her classmates that matched!

It was a great 2018. Thank you for following my journey.

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