• Medical Redhead with her Primary Mentor
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    To All The Doctors I Never Ended Up Being: An ode to mentors 

    Cover Photo: Medical Redhead with her primary healthcare mentor. I’ve been at my pre-health game for sometime: 3 years as a pre-med, 6 months as a pre-pharm. Within this time, I shadowed doctors in emergency medicine, family medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, pharmacy, podiatry, global health, OB/GYN, orthopedics, and rheumatology. From PhDs to MDs/DOs to RNs to PharmDs, each of my shadowing experiences taught me something unique. Yet obviously, I cannot ultimately become all of these specialities. I spent 3 months of one summer shadowing a podiatrist for 80 hours. I loved this preceptorship, and I loved the patients and medical cases. Due to geographical restrictions and other personal commitments, I didn’t…

  • Deciding Pre-Med,  Pre-Med,  School & Life Balance

    2018 Recap

    2018 was a bittersweet year of growing up. I simultaneously had the best and worst year of my life. Often, I felt frustrated, confused, and unsure of what I wanted or what can make me happy. Fortunately, I had a solid foundation of good friends and a beautiful family that stood by me and kept me grounded. If not for them, I would have been lost the entire 2018 year. It was at my lowest moments that made me realize how beautiful each milestone was. While I had some major successes, I had some major failures too. A lot of first experiences happened this year. Graduate school, getting married, fearing…

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    #GirlMedLive2018 Recap

    #GirlMedLive2018 was an absolutely fabulous experience. I am so grateful for all the lessons I learned, the people I met, and the joy I gained from #GirlMedLive2018. This blog is to serve as a quick recap and a thank you to all those who affected me the weekend of November 2nd-4th. A sincerest thank you to the board of Girl Med Media who made this conference happen. I cannot wait to see what happens in 2020. In this blog, I will share 5 main lessons that I will remember throughout my pre-medical training and into my medical school applications. I hope you gain the same reverence for the lessons I…