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    Creating Your Online Planner

    Out of all the tried-and-true methods of movement planner that I have used throughout my pre-med years, the online planner has withstood the test of time. I used to be a fan of paper planners, but with integrated software between my laptop and my phone, it just became too easy to forget about my paper planner. For this blog, I will provide tips to boost your online planner! Throughout college, I would often hear my role models say, “If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not going to happen.” Now that I am a graduate student, I understand the need to maximize every second. By scheduling tasks and events in…

  • Graduate School,  Post-Bachelors,  School & Life Balance

    Oh No! I Have A Wedding on My Exam Day!

    I was engaged in November 2017 to Mr. Redhead. I was ecstatic to marry him because he has been the greatest support system I could have ever hoped for as I finished my undergraduate career. At the time, I had accepted a full-time offer to work as a chemical engineer for an aerospace company. I would work for some time until I felt prepared enough to apply to medical school. It seemed like all the checkboxes of being an adult were getting checked off. But it all changed when the post bacc attacked… (Shoutout to my Avatar the Last Airbender fans!) My little checklist of “adulting” accomplishments suddenly did not…