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    Guest Blog: A MS3’s Take On How to Prepare for the Australian Medical School System

    Hello, my name is Steph, and I’m a 3rd year medical student. By now, that sentence flows off my tongue countless times per day. People react certain ways when hearing someone studies medicine, but the reality is that I am no different from anyone else. I have been incredibly blessed; my parents are accountants and administrators who worked incredibly hard to provide my sister and I a fantastic education and opportunities in music and sport. I am just a kid from Perth, Australia who dreamed and applied for a big medical school a 5-hour costly flight from home. I love to read, I go to the church and the gym,…

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    Creating Your Online Planner

    Out of all the tried-and-true methods of movement planner that I have used throughout my pre-med years, the online planner has withstood the test of time. I used to be a fan of paper planners, but with integrated software between my laptop and my phone, it just became too easy to forget about my paper planner. For this blog, I will provide tips to boost your online planner! Throughout college, I would often hear my role models say, “If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not going to happen.” Now that I am a graduate student, I understand the need to maximize every second. By scheduling tasks and events in…

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    #GirlMedLive2018 Recap

    #GirlMedLive2018 was an absolutely fabulous experience. I am so grateful for all the lessons I learned, the people I met, and the joy I gained from #GirlMedLive2018. This blog is to serve as a quick recap and a thank you to all those who affected me the weekend of November 2nd-4th. A sincerest thank you to the board of Girl Med Media who made this conference happen. I cannot wait to see what happens in 2020. In this blog, I will share 5 main lessons that I will remember throughout my pre-medical training and into my medical school applications. I hope you gain the same reverence for the lessons I…