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Letters from Women in Pharmacy: Incoming P1 Reflections

   I was recently gifted the most perfect graduation gift– the American System of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Letters from Women in Pharmacy. The gift was very well thought out as I closed out my master’s journey and have recently begun to focus full-time on preparing for my upcoming pharmacy journey. This book contains 31 letters from women of all career stages, disciplines, family choices, and cultural backgrounds. Truthfully, I started reading this book thinking, “This will be a cute read.” But as I finished the first letter by Dr. Tina Aramaki, I realized that this book was something very special. These letters are windows into some of the most raw and vulnerable parts of 31 women pharmacists’ journeys. 

“Are you going places or being taken?” – Dr. Jennifer Arnold, PharmD

   I am beyond excited to start my pharmacy education, but it would be mindless to deny that I am also very terrified. Can I live up to the expectations of this field while being a mom, wife, and daughter? Am I capable of gaining the skills necessary to make a difference for future patients? Will I still be able to dedicate time to my family, health, and sanity? The ‘Can I’s,’ ‘Am I’s,’ and ‘Will I’s,’ plague me some days… which is ridiculous considering I haven’t even had my orientation yet! As ridiculous as these thoughts may be at this point, I think a lot of people (especially women) ponder these questions before starting their respective healthcare program. I’m grateful that ASHP compiled these 31 lovely letters because I now know that I am not alone and my ridiculous anxieties and fears just mean that I am a normal human being!

“You cannot possibly know everything you need to know today… Listen intently to wise advice… and don’t doubt yourself! You are not a fraud or imposter.” – Cyndy Clegg, FASHP

   This book will continue to be a topic for upcoming blogs, and I hope that I can highlight some of the role models within this book.

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