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Updates | 4-10-2018

The featured photo was from the middle of my junior year when I declared pre-medical studies. These scrubs were given to me by one of my most cherished undergraduate organizations. It’s hard to believe this photo was taken two years ago. It’s hard to believe that I am finally at the point in this journey where I will be applying to medical school in one month. But here I am. I survived the pre-med journey. As I like to say, I did the thing.

After earning a scribe job, working 1500+ hours, paying off tuition for an additional 27 credit hours, shadowing four physicians, and prioritizing my extracurricular activities, I have completed the longest portion of the pre-medical journey. My next step? Complete a post-bacc program to supplement my average GPA from my engineering courses before I cared about my grades.
I am beyond excited to start my post-bacc program. I was accepted the beginning of March and will begin at the end of May after my graduation. I took a gap year (or “enrichment year” has I’ve been advised to call it by admissions officers). This last year had me working 60-70 hour weeks between an engineering job and my scribe job with 6-7 credit hours a semester. I took this gap year to reset my priorities, while giving myself more time to wrap up things like medical school pre-requisites and the MCAT. I am really grateful I took the time, but I am wholeheartedly ready for my next challenge.

This post-bacc will give me that challenge. The coursework and requirements are estimated to be about 60% of the workload expected of the first year medical student. I will complete a 10 week Princeton Review MCAT program and retake in August. I will attend workshops that prepare me for medical applications and interviews. I will also be required to complete a preceptorship. I feel that I am going to elated and miserable and tired and excited and drowning in coffee come May but I. feel. ready. for. this. If this gap year taught me anything, it’s that I have real worth to give to this profession if I work hard enough to prove my spot.

The future? I’m not sure. Pray for me to get into a program, but I won’t be shook if I fail to secure a spot this upcoming year. I feel crazy for typing this, but I also really want to pursue a dual degree program to supplement my background in engineering. MD/DO and MS. MD/DO and PhD. Who knows where I’ll go, but I feel that I have the confidence to know it will be okay no matter what. I’ve accepted that this journey will be very long regardless, so I might as well enjoy the ride. Your girl still wants to become a surgeon, and I’m bound and determined to make that happen.

Thank you for helping be a part of my journey. I am so grateful for the online medical community in their endless support. You are my inspirations.


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